Mary-Louise Parker

The film, CHRISTMAS IN CONWAY. marks the 250th presentation of the Hallmark Hall of Fame. It is a beautiful story of a deep love between Duncan and his beloved, but ailing wife, Suzy.

The film stars Andy Garcia, Oscar®, Emmy®, and multiple Golden Globe® award nominee, and Mary-Louise Parker, Emmy®, Tony, and double Golden Globe® award winner, as the loving, devoted couple, Duncan and Suzy. Mandy Moore is also cast as Suzy’s home-care nurse who finds love with a landscape designer played by Riley Smith.

Duncan’s deep love for prompts him to build a giant Ferris wheel in their backyard as a Christmas present to his wife. Because he proposed to Suzy on a Ferris wheel, Duncan wants to recreate that magical moment one more time.

Mary-Louise Parker speaks about the film: ”…I sat down and read CHRISTMAS IN CONWAY. And I have to say, I was really moved by it. It is unabashedly romantic. There’s pure devotion between these two characters, Suzy and Duncan. There’s no dark history, no betrayal. Just total love between two human beings….But the purity of Duncan and Suzy’s love, the enduring nature of their love, that’s what attracted me to this. I actually think there’s something rather brave about presenting a story this sweet.”

Andy Garcia felt as strongly about the film: “I just love this story. The notion of a man loving his wife so much that he’d build this Ferris wheel in their backyard so they can relive a magical moment in their life together. I thought the script was very well‐tempered. And then they told me Mary‐ Louise was involved, and I said, ‘Okay, I’m in.’”

The film was directed by John Kent Harrison and is from Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions.  James Chressanthis ASC, whose powerful documentary—NO SUBTITLES NECESSARY LASZLO & VILMOS—was shown at the 2009 Sedona International Film Festival, was the film’s Director of Photography. He commented, “I loved working with Mary-Louise Parker and Andy Garcia.”

This is a touching, moving, funny film that will bring the true meaning of Christmas and love to everyone.