Books by Joanna Paxinou


By Joanna Paxinou

Seeking Representation

Angela Hartley is not a good mother. At least, not according to NYPD Homicide Detective Mike Garcia, who must slough through all the lies, drug deals and murder swirling around this elusive woman before someone else dies on his watch. It might be easier if she wasn’t so damn stunning.

Mike Garcia is not a good man. At least, not according to Victor Mendes, feared Manhattan drug lord who holds Garcia responsible for the deaths of his closest associates and friends. Now Garcia is back, snooping around on his turf again, meddling in his affairs. It’s bad for business but a welcome shot at revenge.

Three days—that’s how long it takes for Angela Hartley’s perfectly manicured life to collapse. As time runs out, Garcia is forced into an unlikely allegiance with Angela, a woman at the center of so much evil involving the murder of her daughter and worse, if he is to solve the hardest case of his career, save the next victim, and take down the city’s most infamous drug kingpin.