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Robert Osborne, Host of Turner Classic Movies

At The Movies With Joanna features an interview with Robert Osborne, Host of Turner Classic Movies and columnist with The Hollywood Reporter. They discuss his first appearance at the Sedona International Film Festival and Workshop to be held February 27 through March 2. Tune in to learn about the classic movies Robert will show and the discussion groups he will lead. This is an entertaining show with a man who knows Hollywood from the inside.

A Centennial Tribute to Bette Davis

“A Centennial Tribute to Bette Davis” honors the legendary actress with an evening featuring clips of her indelible screen performances as well as onstage discussions with several of her colleagues and friends. The Tribute was held May 1, 2008 at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, CA.

Hosted by Robert Osborne of Turner Classic Movies.Bette Davis received 10 Academy Award nominations and the Academy is honoring her again with “A Centennial Tribute to Bette Davis.”

Find out why and learn about what else the Academy offers besides the Academy Awards. Joanna speaks with the Director of Special Events and Exhibitions, Ellen Harrington.

Humphrey Bogart

Listen as Joanna talks about a movie legend – Humphrey Bogart. This is your chance to learn about this most famous actor. Learn about the person. He was born in 1899, imagine! A fascinating insight into his life.

“I found this to be so interesting. I now feel like I know Humphrey Bogart as a person which gives me a greater appreciation of this amazing actor!”

– Daniel Stief, Creator of Sedona Talk Radio

Listen: Humphrey Bogart

The Sedona International Film Festival

Joanna interviews Patrick Schweiss, Director of the Sedona International Film Festival.

Director James Chressanthis Interview – PART 1 & 2

Joanna interviews James Chressanthis, an extraordinary director/cinematographer with an exciting and extensive background. As cinematographer, his work spans the worlds of feature films, television movies, music videos, commercials and documentaries.

Jim is the director/cinematographer of the hit CBS TV show GHOST WHISPERER and re-shot the ending of the Academy Award-winning film CHICAGO. He has been Emmy nominated twice for FOUR MINUTES, the story of runner Roger Bannister’s quest to break the four-minute mile barrier, and for LIFE WITH JUDY GARLAND: ME AND MY SHADOWS, the widely acclaimed biography of the late star. In October 2001, Jim was the only cinematographer selected by DAILY VARIETY as one of 20 rising stars to watch in the film industry.

Joanna’s interview will focus on Jim’s exciting documentary NO SUBTITLES NECESSARY: LASZLO & VILMOS, the story of a 50-year journey, an intimate portrait of two giants of modern image making and their deep bond of brotherhood that transcended every imaginable boundary. The film follows the lives of renowned cinematographers Laszlo Kovacs and Vilmos Szigmond. As film students in Hungary, they shot footage of the Russian invasion of Budapest in 1956 and smuggled it out of the country. Barely escaping with their lives, they fled to America and settled in Hollywood where they rose to prominence in the late 60s and 70s with such films as EASY RIDER, FIVE EASY PIECES and DELIVERANCE.

During that time, working with directors Robert Altman, Peter Bogdanovich and Martin Scorsese, they helped define a new American film aesthetic and pioneered innovative, fearless ways to tell stories.

Part 1: 

Part 2: 

Cass Warner, The Brothers Warner

Joanna’s guest is Cass Warner, the granddaughter of Harry Warner, who with his brothers Jack, Abe and Sam, founded Warner Brothers, one of the greatest studios in Hollywood.Cass will discuss her moving and intimate documentary, based on her book entitled “The Brothers Warner” – “the definitive story of a family who rose from immigrant poverty through personal tragedies persevering to create a major studio with a social conscience.”Cass will also talk about her own company, The Sisters Warner, which she founded to “embody the original Warner Bros. credo to educate, entertain and enlighten.”

Listen to this delightful and committed woman who has spent 30 years researching her family history to produce “The Brothers Warner.” It is the story of an extraordinary family and a tribute to a beloved grandfather that touches everyone who sees this film.

“The Village Barbershop” Interview with Chris Ford

Joanna Paxinou interviews Chris Ford, writer and director of the romantic comedy, “The Village Barbershop.” The film was presented by the Sedona International Film Festival as part of its hugely popular Second Tuesday Cinema Series.“This is a perfect heartfelt and touching film for us to feature right after our film festival. It is a testament to the resilience and humor of the human spirit,” said Sedona International Film Festival Executive Director Patrick Schweiss. “We are so fortunate to get to talk about the film with the writer and director.”

“The Village Barbershop” won the Audience Award as Best Feature at the Cinequest Film Festival. The film is the humorous, sweet story of a fading old man who has lost his way and a determined young woman looking to find hers. Two unlikely people offered a second chance in one unlikely place – the village barbershop.

The film stars two-time Emmy Award-nominee John Ratzenberger of Cheers fame, Cindy Pickett from St. Elsewhere, and Shelly Cole from The Gilmore Girls who won the Best Actress Award at the Newport Beach Film Festival.VARIETY: “This is precisely the sort of movie people who no longer go to movies often complain ‘they just don’t make anymore.’ “The Village Barbershop” is just as warm, humorous and ingratiating as it means to be, with solid work by all principal cast.”Chris Ford: “I decided to figure out how to make “The Village Barbershop” while shooting some commercials with Ed Burns and his producing partner, Aaron Lubin, who casually insisted it wasn’t that hard for a first-time director to make his first feature film.”

“The Appearance of a Man”

Joanna Paxinou interviews Daniel Pace, writer/director/editor/executive producer of the award-winning – and thought-provoking – independent film “The Appearance of a Man”.

The film was one of only 150 films chosen from 900 submitted to the recent Sedona International Film Festival. “The Appearance of a Man” recently won two awards at the San Diego Film Festival: Daniel Pace won the Heineken’s Red Star Award for Outstanding Film, and the film’s lead actor and producer Michael Tassoni won the Award for Best Actor.

“The Appearance of a Man” is an intriguing, visually stunning story that begins on the night of March 13, 1997 when strange lights were seen in the Phoenix sky. An unknown, yet somehow vaguely recognized man appears in the streets of Phoenix, touching off a series of extraordinary events in the lives of those he encounters.

The film explores the unknown, supernatural, and spiritual worlds, even blending passages of the Bible and ancient scripture with contemporary events. Daniel Pace explores the phenomenon of UFOs and the paranormal from a new perspective, guiding his characters through a journey of mystery and discovery.The film has also won these awards: Best Director and Special Jury Award from the Orlando-Hispanic Film Festival; Best Feature by IndieFlix; and Best Cinematography by the Monaco Independent Film Festival.

The Sedona International Film Festival

Joanna interviews Patrick Schweiss, Executive Director of the 15th Annual Sedona International Film Festival and Workshop held February 22 through March 1, 2009. Hear about the exciting guests, workshops and film showings at this prestigious film festival.

There will be a special tribute to Jane Seymour and James Keach; Robert Osborne, host of Turner Classic Movies and Hollywood Reporter columnist, makes his second appearance at the festival; showings of six days of exciting, innovative independent films; workshops, discussion groups, and much, much more.

At The Movies With Joanna from the 9th Annual Port Townsend Film Festival

Joanna interviews Peter Simpson, Artistic Director of the 9th Annual Port Townsend Film Festival in Washington.Peter was part of the organizing committee of film lovers who decided to form their own film festival modeled after the popular Telluride, CO festival.

In 1999, Rocky Friedman, a highly respected local film lover who restored and operates Washington’s only remaining nickelodeon, was joined by Jim Ewing, Jim Westall, Linda Marie Yakush, a five-person operating committee – that included Peter – and more than 200 volunteers to form the Port Townsend Film Festival, a grand community effort that celebrates great films and filmmakers.

Dom DeLuise

Beloved comedian, actor, chef and author,  joins Sedona Talk Radio hosts Sonya Haramis and Joanna Paxinou in a special show.

Dom is interviewed by Sonya, host of Keeping the Path Lit, and Joanna who hosts At The Movies with Joanna on In a warm, delightful interview, Dom discusses his book, Eat This…Again It’ll Make You Feel Better!, share his love of cooking and food, his friendships with celebrities, as well as loving family memories of growing up in Brooklyn and his mother’s favorite recipes, who in trying times would say, “Eat this…you’ll feel better”.

Dom, a 12-year veteran of The Dean Martin Show and many film roles, including Mel Brooks comedies Blazing Saddles and Spaceballs and co-starring with his good friend, Burt Reynolds, in several movies, including Dom’s favorite The End. Dom, is also an author of children’s books, The Pouch Potato and No Place Like Home.

Listen:Dom Deluise Inverview with Joanna Paxinou

RIPPLE EFFECT director/writer Philippe Caland

Best Feature in the 2008 Sedona International Film Festival

Joanna interviews Philippe Caland, director/writer/actor whose latest film, “Ripple Effect,” won the prestigious Directors’ Choice Award for Best Feature in the 2008 Sedona International Film Festival.

Caland calls the film – which stars Forest Whittaker, Virginia Madsen and Minnie Driver– a labor of love, integrity, and an example of his commitment to “only make films that are a reflection of who I am.”Caland, who wrote the screenplay for the cult classic, “Boxing Helena,” will discuss “Ripple Effect,” a drama on “instant karma” and the “connectedness of life.”

Conversations with a Legend – A. C. Lyles

Joanna’s first legend is A.C. Lyles, renowned and beloved Hollywood insider whocelebrated his 90th birthday and 80 years with Paramount Pictures.

Listen to his stories about the Hollywood and stars of the Golden Era and his extraordinary career at Paramount.

The Sedona Film Festival

“AT THE MOVIES WITH JOANNA,” Joanna interviews Patrick Schweiss, Executive Director of the Sedona International Film Festival and Workshop held February 27 through March 2, 2008.

Listen in and learn about the exciting guests, workshops and film showings at this prestigious film festival where filmmakers and movie buffs interact while enjoying and experiencing the important and powerful world of independent films.

Patrick Schweiss is Executive Director of the exciting and hugely successful Sedona International Film Festival and Workshop to be held February 29 through March 2. He has also been on the Board of Directors of the Sedona Arts Festival for nine years, including three years as chairman, and is the founder and chairman of the festival’s premiere fund-raising event, “An Evening at the Academy Awards.” This has become the largest funding source for the arts festival, enabling the organization to contribute more than $110,000 supporting youth art programs in the community.

Talking About the Movies with Daniel Stief

Listen as Joanna talks with Daniel Stief (the Creator of Sedona Talk Radio) about their movie experiences. Here Joanna share about an incredible movie show at the Paramount in New York.

Listen: Interview with Dan Stief of Sedona Talk Radio